Funko POP Figures For Free Where to start?

So. You want to buy Pop. You’ve found what you want, but you don’t know what it is, you don’t want to get into unknown areas and you’re afraid to ask questions. If not: great! If so, relax. It’s just a piece of neatly formed plastic. It can be cute or badasser, but nothing else. Don’t worry about doing something “wrong” with it. Fortunately, on our website you can get Funko POP for free!

Recently, the boom on the big head figurines from Funko is surprisingly huge. Funko produces a large number of licensed toys that depict the most popular icons of pop culture. Although if you want to be precise, you will find not only icons but also most of the currently popular characters from movies, TV series, games and even athletes. These include characters from Disney’s fairy tales, characters from “The Game of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead”, “Supernatural”, “Harry Potter”, “American horror story”, “Orphan Black”, and superheroes from Marvel and DC. There’s a whole bunch of them! You can find all the copies released so far on the American website Funko.

Funko pop online – best way to get limited pops!

The POP! series is the most popular and I personally like it the most, although it’s hard to explain what’s so charming about it, or at least in words alone it won’t work out for me, so I’m glad to be able to support the photos.
The POP! figures are made of vinyl and come in different sizes. The most common ones are about 10 cm high and affordable (about $15, although it depends on the shop), funko pop most expensive figurines reach much higher prices, but there are also bigger, smaller, sets and pendants available. FunkoPop figures

POP! figurines can have different incarnations of one character, e.g. there are many incarnations of Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn or Captain of America. It works the same way when something happens to the hero, e.g. he gets a fork in the eye or turns into a zombie, so we can buy a version before or after or both. This makes the fans have a huge choice of figurines.

When the world saw the first figure signed ‘Funko Pop!’, funko pop new releases wasn’t very popular. No wonder – the first Pops were terrible. They didn’t have the same quality and accuracy as they do now. Sure, they still have their shortcomings, but you have to admit that now they’re just cooler.

Funko POP news

As you could see, they don’t all look the same. After some time selling figures in one particular size, Funko decided to go further. They created a 6-inch Pop for characters that are bigger, like Hagrid from Harry Potter. It was and still is a good idea, hence the figures are still in production. Then came Pop Rides, so famous vehicles like the van from Breaking Bad or the Ghost Rider motorcycle.

Funko went even further and created Movie Moments depicting iconic scenes from movies and horizontal Pops to capture the essence of more ‘flat’ characters. And there’s something else. 10 inches. These Pops are GIGANTIC and I’m a little worried about which way it goes. I have a big Porga myself and it’s cute (yes, she’s my porch mom). But Funko got involved in the subject, releasing a lot of them in a short time. I’m not sure if we need them all. Especially since they are not too different from the base version. Sure, they have a bit more details, but no big deal. I hope they’ll slow down a little bit. But that’s just my opinion.

Some bigger companies like Disney or DC cooperate with Funko in selling subscription boxes. These are boxes filled with Funko products that can’t be bought officially in any other way. Pop is the most valuable, of course, but there are other interesting things. Unfortunately, most of them are only available in the USA.

Exclusive funko pop - exclusives figurines

Funko Pop Exclusive figures are usually limited within a store or event. It is difficult to list them all unambiguously given their tendency to appear and disappear. This applies mainly to the United States. In Europe the sticker can be changed within the official Funko distributor, recently mainly EMP and GameStop. It all depends on the distribution. A statue from Hot Toys in the USA in Europe can carry an EMP sticker, and in Australia it can be without any.

Funko Fundays

It is a festival of pop culture and collectors. Funko organizes this event every year, most recently during the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). During the event, Funiatics gain a lot of funko pop deals in limited versions and quantities, and the company announces a lot of new details and news.