Stranger Things Funko pop

If someone asked me now what series to watch, I would recommend him “Stranger Things”, a new production of Netflix. Why? Because such a gem happens very rarely. I love series, I’m passionate about them and I’ve watched the vast majority of them in my professional and private life, so maybe that’s why few productions can surprise me. Stranger Things” was a success.

Netflix’s latest series is a production for which the generation raised on “E.T.” or “Goonies” has been waiting for years. This is a story that feeds on nostalgia for Spielberg’s early films, New Adventure Cinema, the 80’s and the horror from Stephen King’s novel – and it does it so wonderfully that you can only watch and admire it.

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When he wants to describe “Stranger Things”, he immediately escapes in comparison. That the atmosphere is a bit like that of “E.T.”, but not so much family, rather with a lot of “Z archiwum X” and Stephen King. It’s like you can feel “Goonies” here, and from the new productions of “Super 8”. (which itself was a tribute to Spielberg’s first films), but this is not it, because it turns more towards horror, humor is less and the atmosphere is generally rather dense and tension high; here there is no atmosphere of adventure and discovery, rather a threat.

And to reach for the whole list of films or series, to which Netflix’s new production is similar, is not a review laziness – this series simply feeds on our nostalgia for the pop culture of the 80s, from music, through “Dungeons & Dragons”, to the already mentioned (too often) Spielberg’s cinema and King’s prose.